Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving Week Weather

The explanation for the two maps above is at the bottom of this blog post.

It'll be a short workweek coming up. Just about two and 1/2 days will be about it, then 4 plus days off! Yeee-hawwww! :)

We will be much warmer to start out the week, but will be much colder to end it! Here's a peek at our 7-day forecast. (Click here)

I brought the CoCoRaHS official rain gauge indoors a few days ago. We were quite cold at night (21° officially one evening) and didn't want any moisture to freeze and crack the thing. With warmer temps and, more importantly, rain in the forecast, it's time to get her back out. This gave me a chance to get it nice and cleaned out.

The storm survey is out for two tornadoes that struck very near to my home on November 14th. Here is the link from the National Weather Service. Both were less than 20 miles from me. One to the northwest and one to the southwest. They were both rated at the EF-1 range.

Winter Weather Awareness Week concluded this past week. I was going to attach at .pdf file, but it isn't cooperating. So, I'll just send you to the NWS-Nashville Home Page (click here) and you can print it out. Great information on this publication.

We'll keep an eye out for Severe Weather for Wednesday and Wednesday night. That is a HUGE travel day for lots of people. Wild weather could delay folks, so get a head start!

NOAA's Winter Weather Outlook has been released. You can read it by clicking here

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