Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Update

Two days before Christmas!

We survived the strong winds overnight here on the Cumberland Plateau in Cookeville. Power went out on several occasions, including this morning for a couple of hours. We had snow showers earlier this morning as well. Looking at the winds, we measured a sustained wind of 40 mph and had a gust hit 55 mph last evening. Around Tennessee, we had many reports of winds in the 40+ mph range. I've seen several large trees down and will try to get pictures of them posted here later.

Our high temperature since midnight was 54.1° at 12:58 a.m., our low was 34.5° at 10:37 this morning. Wind chill values were down in the lower 20's earlier this morning also. We are in the upper 30's and that'll be as warm as it gets for the rest of the day.

Snow is still in our forecast for Christmas Day. You can get the latest forecast by clicking here.

Across northern sections of the country, we've had quite a winter storm. Here is one story from the AP. You also follow this link for weather news on Google.

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