Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Chances This Week

I've added the morning video from the ABC station in Birmingham, AL. James Spann, chief meteorologist, does a great job explaining the possibility of a snow event for later this week in the mid-south. They run a detailed weather blog. You can see it by clicking here.

Check out our latest, local forecast here.

One thing they point out on the video is the depth of the Arctic air pushing into the northern sections of the Central US. This reinforcement of the current cold air is but one ingredient necessary for snow in our area. The other, of course, is precipitation or moisture. The timing of those two things is what will or will not give us snowfall. Click on the video above!


Anonymous said...

That's a great link, I enjoyed watching the video. Will have to check out Weather Brains more frequently!

Cookeville Weather Guy said...

I agree...that bunch does an EXCELLENT job!

Cookeville Weather Guy said...

Snow flurries blowing around Cookeville at 10:15 am

Roadrun69 said...

Been in the boro since 83, I have seen many good snows and a few bad ice storms. This low looks like it`s on the right track. I think for good snow we need the low to get a bit stronger, If it does then more moisture will get drawn in up this way, It should be cold enough for snow, If the low strenghtens it will tap that artic air to the northwest of here. Just my thoughts, My kids love snow about as much as I do ! So maybe will have a winter wonderland soon!

Cookeville Weather Guy said...

RoadRun...hope you're right!! :) I lived in the 'boro back in 85-87 on Northfield Blvd @ Haynes Manor...enjoyed that fine town quite a bit!

russwall said...

Thats a great link, Thanks.
I'm still hopeing for a big snow... It's been a while.


Andrew said...

I am growing so excited over this weather scenario. I hope I'm not dissapointed. Keep up the great work, weather guy!


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