Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Rundown

Here we go...looks like we'll see some precipitation and it's type will depend upon it's arrival. If the precipitation arrives early, then it will be sprinkles/rain...later, it will be snow or snow flurries. We expect temperatures to fall later this afternoon after reaching around 40 this morning.

Our latest, local forecast

Most of the rest of our week will remain dry with highs running just below normal. Normal high this date is 45° while the normal low is 25°. We do forsee the possibilites of a system developing around Thursday into Friday that, if timed right, could give us some snow.

Our records this date:
High: 70° (1932)
Low: -5° (1918)
Precip: 1.50" (1939)
New Snow: 3.8" (1982)

So far in January through 12 days:
Average High: 52.5 (Norm: 45.6) (Record: 60.9 in 2005)
Average Low: 30.7 (Norm: 25.7) (Record: 12.1 in 1981)
Most Snowfall for 11 days was 12.0 inches in 1996
Most "Average snow depth": 2 inches in 1973

Middle Tennessee Weather Fact of the Day
On January 13, 1968...Dover measures 8½" of snow. Dover is in West Tennessee near the Tennessee river.

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