Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Big Change Is On

Woke up to a BEAUTIFUL morning! Temperatures are in the lower to middle 50's across Middle Tennessee under bright sunshine-filled skies. The expectation, however, is for the clouds to move back in later this afternoon.

*Our latest, local forecast* includes the possibility of (dare I say) the S word...that's right...SNOW!! Oh my....snow in the middle of April....don't laugh, it happened last year on April 15th...

The great news is after this little cool spell moves out, we'll be back up near 70 by the middle of next week. WELCOME to Tennessee weather!

The crews from the NWS-Nashville will be out assessing damage from Friday's storms. I have a preliminary damage report here.

I want to focus on the Graphical Forecast Page today from the NWS-Nashville. It is great information for those of us who are 'visual learners'...go and check it out. Also, Mark Rose at the Nat'l Weather Service runs a blog page for the NWS-Nashville...the link is here...very valuable information.

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