Friday, April 25, 2008

More 80's On The Way!

Another gorgeous day here in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. We expect temperatures to race quickly throught the 60's on the way to a high in the lower 80's.

Some areas to our west may see some shower and thunderstorm activity, although it will hold off in our area. These showers will be the summer-like, garden variety popup type!

**Latest, Local Forecast**

This weekend is Putnam Pride Clean-Up Days in our Community. Teams of people will be out picking up litter from the streets of our community. It is quite frustrating that some individuals, who have no sense, throw their trash from the vehicle. Fines should be in the thousands for this rather than 50 bucks.

We're watching a system develop that is going to bring cooler air into our region for the first part of our workweek. Like most of these in the late spring, the cool air would be around very long. I wouldn't be surprised, however, on Tuesday morning to hear and see of low temperatures in the upper 30's.

Have a great weekend!

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