Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back To Work Everyone!

It is Tuesday after Memorial Day and for most of us, that means we return to work after a long weekend!

We had an excellent weekend here. Worked mostly in the yard on Saturday, then went to church on Sunday and headed out to Center Hill Lake on Sunday afternoon. Spent the night on the houseboat and enjoyed a fun Memorial Day there along with quite a bit of rainfall and winds! Had some lightning and thunder, but not enough to cause concern. We ended up with .68" in the good ol' CoCoRaHS rain gauge.

Our latest, local forecast is calling for RAIN again! Our garden and flowers really love the rain. We should clear out by Wednesday night and the rest of the week after that looks quite nice.

On a very sad note, the Parkersburg, IA tornado that struck on Sunday has taken at least eight lives. There are reports this twister could have possibly been an EF-5. We'll have to wait and see what the National Weather Service says.

Parkersburg Links

Chicago Tribune
Mahalo.com (has alot of information)
KIMT CBS Television

~More Later...


Charles Loring said...

Hey Mike. After I looked at Unsyis Upper Air Soundings, I saw somw big numbers for Nashville for a morning time SKEW-T plot. What do you think the day will bring for much of Mid. TN? I see us possibley getting into the slight risk area and maybe, like yesterday, have the possiblity of getting into a Severe T'storm Watch. Because are DP's are in the upper 60's and the sun is out here.

Michael Detwiler said...

Charles..sorry for not seeing your question...obviously, nothing developed yesterday for us here on the Highland Rim....


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