Saturday, May 31, 2008

Storm Damage in Tennessee

Tonight, as I drove to pickup my teenager from my parent's houseboat, I came across down trees and limbs on Highway 96 just south of Interstate 40 off the 268 Exit. This damage was caused earlier in the day when a strong thunderstorm roared through our area. (will post photos later)

What do we expect for tomorrow? Much of the a frontal boundary nears our area, we'll see thunderstorms increase as our area is saturated in moisture from the southwest winds. Our overnight temperatures will stay warm and muggy with elevated humidity and dew points. The atmosphere is very unstable. We expect several rounds of storms.

Most of the stronger storms tonight are back in Missouri and Kentucky.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Stay atop these storms by checking RADAR often. I'll list two below.


Anonymous said...

Looks like storms are coming.
Going to be a long night.
-Mike A.

Michael Detwiler said...

They've arrived!!!!!! :)


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