Thursday, June 26, 2008

Increased Rain Chances!! :)

We will have increased chances of rainfall as the southerly flow pulls in high humidity! As we progress through the weekend, a front comes through. The front could cause some severe weather on Saturday and Sunday.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Temperatures will moderate some by Monday, as we will see highs in the upper 70's!

Air Quality Alert today for the Knoxville and Tri-Cities sections of East Tennessee.

On June 26, 1994...
Middle Tennessee is struck by 3 tornadoes during the evening. The worst is an F3, which travels a remarkable 38 miles, touching down at Lutts (Wayne County), and traveling southeastward, passing through Iron City and St. Joseph before crossing the Alabama state line. There are 22 injuries, but no fatalities. Six more persons are injured along a 4 mile F2 path near Altamont (Grundy County). And an F1 touches down near Topsy (Wayne County), cutting a 5 mile path, but with no reported injuries.

On this date in 2004, I married my WONDERFUL wife!


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