Saturday, June 7, 2008

Revisiting CoCoRaHS

What is C.O.C.O.R.A.H.S.? It is the Community Collabrative Rain Hail and Snow network. Observers around the United States take daily measurements and report them via the Internet.

The phrase "Volunteers working together to measure precipitation across the nation" pretty much sums us up and is displayed prominently at the top of the CoCoRaHS website.

Have you heard enough and want to join? Click here!

Still have questions??

You can learn more about CoCoRaHS by going to the about us page.

Here is the CoCoRaHS Brochure!

Do you still have more questions?

You can click here to see the FAQ's and get HELP!

Each state has their own page. We've nearly activated all 50 states. Go here to find yours!

Are you in Tennessee and want to find out who your County Coordinator is? Click here!

One question I get asked from time to time much does it cost?
Signing up is FREE and the official, professional rain gauge is less than 30 bucks delivered to your door...oh, and it does cost you some of your time, but once you'll LOVE it!

Contact me at: if you have any questions.

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