Sunday, July 13, 2008

From 100% to 50%

Well, the 100% chance didn't last very long...latest, updated forecast calls for a 50% chance...the rest of the week looks fantastic.

Not too much rain in the ol' bucket CoCoRaHS station (TN-PM-5) here at home says we're now at 4.09" for the month of July!.....

Middle TN Weather Facts of The Day

On July 13, 1956...
An F1 tornado touches down briefly at Cedar Springs, near Monterey. No injuries are reported.

On July 13, 2004...
A wind gust of 67 mph is measured at the Nashville International Airport as an evening thunderstorm complex produces wind damage in every Middle Tennessee county.
**personal note on this one, my bride and I had only been married about 17 days and lived in a home on a big hill with a great view to the west...we HEARD the winds rushing through the trees toward soon as I heard this, I ordered my new bride and 10 year-old daughter down the stairs into the was a sound that I'll NEVER, EVER forget**

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Maynard said...

Oh yeah, the 2004 derecho. That one was a good one.


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