Monday, July 7, 2008

Pushing 90° Today

It is back to work for a lot of us after an extended Independence Day Weekend. Could I get one more day off?

We'll see temperatures push 90° for today's high. Some areas of Tennessee will see showers, but I think our area here on the Highland Rim will be dry.

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We have our season's first hurricane and her name is Bertha. Read more from Brian Smith's Weather Blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, good to hear from you. I hope things are going well up the road. Your site looks great!


Michael Detwiler said...

Hey Brian! All is well up here...we're (as I'm sure you've read) 91% of normal on our precipitation and I can hear thunder as I type IS good! :)

Anonymous said...

We want Bertha to give us a WIDE, um, berth. Up 'til now things had been so quiet, too.

Already getting plenty of rain and wind without any help from the tropics. This weekend's T-storms brought 50+ mph winds and 3" of rain officially measured at Albert Whitted Airport (KSPG) just down the road from us. Part of our neighbor's tree fell across our back fence, good thing no one was out there at the time!

Michael Detwiler said...


HAHA...great 'play' on words with Bertha!

Glad to see you all are 'catching up' on your rainfall.


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