Thursday, August 14, 2008

Al Gore's Bio-Solar One...

Had an opportunity to eat dinner at the Hurricane Marina restaurant tonight on Center Hill Lake.  As my family arrived, we noticed a large houseboat pulling in to an empty slip next to the restaurant.  The boat was named Bio-Solar One and was captained by none other than Albert Gore, may remember him...former U.S. House member and Senator from the state of Tennessee.  Oh yeah, think he was also the VP for 8 years under some guy named Clinton.  :)

Rating his landing from the lake into the slip, he did a pretty good job.  The unidentified crew members (they definitely weren't Secret Service members) aboard his boat helped tie it up.  Tipper was on the upper deck watching her husband bring the boat in...

Noticed Al working on top of the boat for a while.  Our table of 11 people wasn't 30 feet from his vessel.  Some from his boat came in to the restaurant for dinner.  When it was nearly dark, Al came in to the restaurant and dock store area in search of the people who drive the golf carts.  They haul people to their cars who have boats at this dock...nice touch. 

I also saw the Solar Panels on the top of the boat.  Decided not to take pictures..may do that next time.  Did hear his generator cycling on and off along with the A/C...anyway, nice boat...does it run on Solar Panels and Bio-Diesel????...I am not sure....and also not sure how you'd haul Bio-Diesel to the dock...

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