Friday, August 1, 2008

July-By The Numbers!

July was a great month (weather wise) here in Middle Tennessee. With my apologies to the good guys at, here is my attempt at 'by the numbers'!!

0....number of CoCoRaHS stations which reported rain on 7-3 and 7-17 in TN

1.....days in which the high temperature stayed in the 70's*

2.....nights with lows in the 50's*

3.75...inches of rain fell in just two days (July 4 and July 9)

4.....number of days the low temperature was above 70°*

4.64....inches of rainfall for July recorded on my CoCoRaHS Station (TN-PM-5)

9....Number of days where our high was above 90°*

17...The high wind gust on July 4th*

86.3...Average high during July 2008 (from NWS Coop Station)

93.1...The high temperature on July 29th (highest this month)*

317...Number of Rain Gauge Sites from TVA (click here)

4709....CoCoRaHS Rainfall Reports recorded today

*Note: All temperature numbers are from my personal weather station.

July 2008 Cookeville Weather Summary here (NWS)
My July Station (KTNCOOKE-10) here

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