Friday, August 1, 2008

Hot Day and Weekend Ahead!

The rain has disappeared and we'll turn up the heat once again.

We were quite disappointed with the lack of rainfall on Thursday. All week the forecasting models displayed a great opportunity for a decent rain event. While we received .07" yesterday, it wasn't nearly the amount anticipated. Weather forecasting isn't always an exact science!

Some areas of southern Middle Tennessee saw 2+ inches yesterday...they were the big winners.

Speaking of rain, we finished July with 4.64"....very nice!

Let's forget the past and focus on the future. We will be hot over the next 5 days as temperatures will once again rise into the 90's. You can bank on mid and upper 90's west of the Highland Rim and Cumberland Plateau.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

I'll post the final July weather numbers this weekend.

Have an excellent day......



Anonymous said...

My rain total for July is comparable to yours the thing is the length of time BETWEEN events. It's like every 2 weeks before the decent rains fall. Have a great weekend!

Michael Detwiler said...


The interesting thing for us was, in addition to having a long length of time between events, we had much of our rain fall in just two days...3.79" fell in just two days in July...on the 4th and 9th!

That was 81.7% of our monthly precipitation!! :)

Michael Detwiler said...
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