Saturday, August 16, 2008

Latest Look At Tropical Storm Fay

Looking at the National Hurricane Center's latest information on Fay, we see two maps above.  The first map is the 5-day cone and...what do know??!!...we, here in Middle Tennessee, are in that 5-day cone.  Fay is expected to reach hurricane strength before striking the West Coast of Florida.

Looking closer at the 3-day track, my 87 year-old aunt is in that track.  She lives on the west coast of Florida in Venice.  Also, my cousin Pat and her husband, Gus, are in Venice as well.  We will be touching base with them in the next 24 hours....along with my Uncle Jon and his family (who are in Tampa/St. Pete area)...also, in St. Pete is of my faithful readers who, along with his wife, will be moving here to Cookeville in the not too distant future...will need to touch base with him and see what their plans are for around Tuesday and Wednesday.   

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Great Information from people who actually in the path!


Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to send regular updates if you'd like! Looks like it will be gusty (but not severe) winds and lots of rain. This is as of the Sunday 2 PM forecast.

Michael Detwiler said...

Cool Deal Paul...yep, send me your updates as you get them!


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