Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quick Lunch Update..(Raccoon Mountain)

Stopping in for a quick lunch is what we know...

  • We are drying out this afternoon from Fay's rains.
  • Hurricane Gustav's Track is better known.
  • TVA's Raccoon Mountain got alot of rain.

First, we will slowly see some gradual clearing tonight..even though we could see a stray or isolated shower today...*Latest, Local Forecast*

Hurricane Gustav's track is getting clearer.  Click here for more!

Raccoon Mountain near Chattanooga saw 7.91" of rainfall at the TVA Dam


Mike Wilhelm said...

Models are painting a disturbing picture of Gustav, especially the GFDL.

Michael Detwiler said...


It is quite an interesting scenario brewing in the Gulf with regards to Gustav. I can tell you that I'd be packing my stuff, this weekend, and heading inland before it got any closer. The Nat'l Hurricane Center and others are really singing from the same hymn book on this storm.




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