Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Very Hot Day Ahead

We'll see highs in the mid 90's here in Cookeville and as always, the counties to our west will be even hotter. Relief is on the way as rain is forecasted Wednesday and Thursday. Highs on Friday and Saturday could be (and I emphasize could) in the lower 80's. Very nice!

*Our latest, local forecast*

Tropical Storm Eduoard inches even closer to Galveston TX...more updates here

From the Weather History file,

On August 5, 1954...

The temperature at Nashville reaches 97 degrees, the 27th consecutive day with 90+ degree readings. This is the 3rd longest such period in Nashville's history. In addition, the high temperature has reached at least 90 degrees on 58 out of the last 59 days.

And we thought it was hot now....

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