Sunday, September 14, 2008

Autumn On The Way! (70's & 50's)

After a very windy day in the eastern United States, a big change is on the way!

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I like the lower 70's for highs and the mid 50's for lows.  Quite a difference from the near 90° we saw the last few days.

The remnants of Ike blew through here and stirred up the winds.  Reports of over 50 mph near Clarksville, TN and over 70 mph in Louisville, KY where much of the city remains without power this evening.   If you happened to catch the Tennessee Titans and Cincinnati Bengals game today, you would have seen what 50+ mph winds can do to a game.  I'm wondering if the fans in Cincinnati were throwing stuff on the field since their Bengals stunk the place up! :)

I've added a couple of more weather blogs to the "Blogs I Read" category.

Enjoy those two new (to my site) weather blogs!  I plan to add a few more later this week, including one that is very, very interesting.  Stay tuned.

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