Saturday, September 6, 2008

Here Comes Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike continues to grow in size and intensity.  

The 5-day cone (pictured above) is very problematic for people living in the Gulf of Mexico.  Noticed on the news a bit ago, that Charlie Crist, Florida's governor, has ordered persons in the Keys to evacuate now and asked that all Florida residents keep tabs on Ike's progress.  


MTWC said...

Interesting to note that some models are now bringing Ike in at the same place they were bringing Gustav... Just east of Morgan City, LA... oh boy.
-Clay in Nashville

Anonymous said...

I've devised this formula relating to Gulf hurricanes:

x = projected eye location in degrees west of 80 longitude
y = projected eye location in degrees north of 20 latitude
z = Saffir/Simpson category number

(x+y)*z = number of cents increase in a gallon of gas tomorrow.

Now I'm going to watch Ike's track and see how closely this corresponds.

P.S. A related corollary states that (z squared) dictates how many Weather Channel reporters we'll see standing out in the wind and rain, telling us how windy and rainy it is.

Michael Detwiler said...

Oh boy is right Clay...I'm somewhat concerned about that track as well. With Lamar headquarters in Baton Rouge, I can tell you our folks are NOT THRILLED at all with the prospects of that happening again!

Paul...that is a pretty good formula you've come up with!! :)
Oh and the TWC thing is the department of redundancy department. :)


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