Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Damage Reports

Hurricane Ike has left a trail of destruction along the East Texas and Western Louisiana coasts.  Ike is still a Category 1 hurricane and is located between Houston and Dallas.

11 News KHOU from Houston
Houston Chronicle Newspaper

  • 3 million just in Houston with no power
  • Skyscrapers are damaged with broken windows
  • Reliant Center has hole in roof
Much more going on...Houston Mayor Bill White says "Stay Off The Roads"..."we need to rescue people who are in trouble and don't need people venturing out.  Stay Off The Roads"..."also, there is no indication the water supply is contaminated, however there is low water pressure.  In the meantime, use bottled water and not use tap water."  "Lastly, please inform your neighbors concerning these two important items."
(my comment...First impressions are important and my first impression of Mayor Bill White is that he is a very impressive mayor....focused, determined, measured, and no fluff)
No reports just yet on injuries and deaths.

Watching Fox News and seeing quite a bit of damage with boats floating in places they shouldn't be.

Downtown Houston looks similar to a war zone or what parts of New York City looked like on 9-11-2001. Windows blown out of many buildings throughout the night.

22% of refinery operations are down.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind comments on my site. I still find it incredible that there are the "lame brains" (to borrow a "Three Stooges" term) that will ride try to ride it out. The scenes are incredible. I enjoyed watching KHOU and thot they did a great job. - Eddie

Michael Detwiler said...


I completely agree with you on the 'lame brain' comments. It is probably a good thing I am not a mayor or councilman or police officer, I probably wouldn't have taken "NO" for an answer from some of these knuckleheads.

I am switching between FOX and KHOU...incredible images.

Thanks for what you do, my friend...I appreciate your experience and have learned a lot from your site.


Anonymous said...

The feeling is mutual sir!


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