Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Hammering Texas Gulf Coast


  • 1 am update...eyewall is just off the coast of Galveston
  • 600,000 people are now without power.  Could exceed 1 million soon.
  • High tide is at 3:59 am for Galveston.  Look out..could be a mess!
  • From WeatherBug, over 1 million people now without power as of 1:25 am CDT
  • Being told by Fox News, the stranded freighter in the Gulf is ok.  I'm sure the crew have 'tossed' their cookies.
  • 2 am update:  4.5 million people without power!! WOW...

Watching Hurricane Ike strike the Gulf Coast of Texas this evening.  It is very interesting flipping between Fox News, where Geraldo Rivera is very near the seawall and Steve Herrigan, who is away from the wall in Galveston, CBS' 11 news out of Houston (on Directv 361) with their local coverage (it is excellent), and The Weather Channel HD (362) with Mike Bettis and Mike Seidel doing great work, too.

  • Just In
Brennen's Restaurant, a famous landmark in downtown Houston has burned to the ground.  According to reports, their was nothing the firefighters could do. 

Many of you are aware of the ship stranded out in the gulf.  I hope those folks are safe. Bet they are seasick.  I understand tugboats are on the way to the freighter to tow it.  They say it is a 584 foot ship with a crew of 22 men.  

All sorts of Ike information on KHOU website

Eye is nearing Galveston at 12:52 am.

Beaumont 78 mph winds
Houston-Hobby 68 mph
Houston-Bush 59 mph

My WX Box is a site with a bunch of Personal Weather Stations from the Houston area...interesting information!

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