Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Something On Radar!!

I am seeing showers developing on radar this morning!!  YES....

Our latest, local forecast calls for an 80% chance for rain today.

The latest on Hurricane Ike is that he is a category one hurricane just off the southern coast of Cuba.  Packing winds of 80 mph sustained to 95 mph gusts, he is expected to move over the far western tip of the island and head back into the Gulf where the projections are for Ike to quickly grow into a possible Category 3 storm once again.  The 5-day track now takes Ike into the very southern sections of Texas just north of the Brownsville area.  I caution you to not read too much in the 5-day track as it has been changing often.

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Anonymous said...

Mike, our expected disappointment occured! "T" here and its "T"rivial to even mention it!

Re: expectors. Don't you love it when the Lord exceeds the expectors?!


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