Monday, September 1, 2008

Watching Gustav on TV

I am blogging right now from beautiful Center Hill Lake on my family's houseboat.  It is sunny and very warm this morning! 

Very interesting TV watching on Gustav.  If you have Directv, you can get WDSU-Channel 6 on Channel 361....seeing the local folks do hurricane coverage is quite interesting.  It is much better than The Weather Channel or my favorite, FOX NEWS.

Just saw an interview with Mayor Ray Nagin on WDSU and there are issues with one of the levees.  Don't remember the name of it, but he said there were two ships that had come loose.  Not a good situation.

Saw a live report on FOX from Waveland, MS...they are getting pounded as is a reporter from Gulfport, MS on The Weather Channel. 

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