Sunday, October 26, 2008

900th Post (Sunday!)

*Off SUBJECT For Just A Bit*
It is really hard to believe this is the 900th post for "The Weather Guy" blog at  The time has flown by over the last 21 months since this blog was founded.  It all started out as something I thought I would do to record my thoughts about our weather.  Not really intending to draw an audience or anything like that, I desired a high-tech diary of weather.  Thanks to all of you who enjoy this site.  It is an honor to have you stop by to read.

Sunday's weather is going to be GREAT!  After seeing lows this morning in the 30's, we'll rebound nicely this afternoon in to around 70° under sunny skies.  Then, the bottom drops out...lows again in the 30's tonight and highs on Monday ONLY around 50° but with the strong north to northwest winds, you'll think we never climbed  out of the 30's!  Bundle up on Monday and Tuesday.

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*About Church Today*
Since today is Sunday, see if you can find a church to attend.  If you cannot, feel free to join us at my church . We show our services on the web each Sunday at 8:30 & 10:30.  Today, our oldest daughter will perform a monologue relating to what our Pastor will speak on.  She enjoys drama and acting.  This is a good way for her to reach out to others.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats my friend. It caused me to go back and look at how many I've posted. A mere rookie at 465! Are those callouses I see on your finger tips? Have a good Lord's Day! - Eddie


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