Friday, October 31, 2008

Fantastic Weekend Ahead!

If you like highs around 70° (and I do) along with sunny skies (and I do) along with leaves in their brilliant fall change (and I do), then you're going to LOVE this weekend!

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Our friends at the Nat'l Weather Service Office in Nashville are having an OPEN HOUSE tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 am through Noon.  It is a great chance for the public to get a behind the scenes look at what these professionals do on a daily basis!

If live in the Cookeville, TN area (where this blog originates), today (Friday) is Cooking On The Square which benefits Habitat For Humanity.  "Cooking" is a wonderful event to attend to raise money for a worthy cause and to see lots of people along with eating great food.  Many of our wonderful restaurants will be involved.  The weather is going to awesome for this event, I PROMISE!! :)

No more frost or freeze warnings for the Middle Tennessee area for this season.  You may be asking yourself "WHY"?...the reason is because we had a killing frost all over the coverage area.  Because of that, there is no reason now to issue these.

Our church's annual alternative to the events of October 31st is tonight in Algood.  It is a huge community event where kids & adults have an awesome time.  The theme is the "Wild, Wild West"...dress up and come on out for fun and lots of candy for the kids without worry about the dark side of October 31st.

Finally, want to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday today!!  She is a wonderful lady who has raised a wonderful family and has kept my dad in line for years.  We love you, Mom!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, I know this has nothing to do with weather, but do you know of any good neighborhoods to take the kids for Halloween? We have lived here in Cookeville for 3 years now and always end up taking the kids to TTU. I want to go to neighborhoods this year. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

Michael Detwiler said...


Take them to Darwin Park (near 10th and Old KY RD)...Bilbrey Park (same area) and Laurel Park (in Bilbrey Park) along with Village Green (across from Northeast School) and bring them out to Trinity Assembly in Algood...they'll have a blast! Thanks for asking a FANTASTIC question!


Anonymous said...

I never knew that about the freeze warnings ending! But I guess it makes sense, why reiterate each time if the growing season is over. I suppose it's up to people with movable decorative plants to know enough to bring them inside for good once cold weather comes.

We are taking our little goblin (and the 4-legged kids) out to an adjoining neighborhood tonight where they do a massive block party for the kids, with picnic food, music and fun. Last year they had the local PD with a safety program, and one of our TV stations giving out stuff. Safe fun!

Michael Detwiler said...


Yep, after having a killing freeze, it doesn't make too much sense to issue 'freeze warnings' every time the temperatures fall below freezing. Some of our plants look pitiful, but those are the 'annuals'..the ones we replace each season.

Hope your little ones had fun tonight...we enjoyed our 'safe' night out, was chilly, but fun.


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