Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mid Week Rain Chances!

This Week's Outlook
Indications are we (here in Cookeville, Tennessee) will see a system develop out west and move eastward during the first half of our upcoming work week. This should be bring us, here in Middle Tennessee, the best chance for rain in nearly a month.  

Our 7 day forecast shows a 50% chance for rain on Tuesday night and on Wednesday.   It's been three weeks since we recorded .27" back on September 15th.

The rain hangs around for Wednesday night and on Thursday.   Temperatures during this work week will range from the low 80's during the first part of the week dropping into the 70's for the rest of the period.

October Climate Summary
October in Tennessee is usually dry and cool with a few warm days.  The leaves begin their change and typically peak around the third weekend of the month.
Average Rainfall: 3.11" (since 1914)
October 2007: 2.24" (CoCoRaHS TN-PM-5)
Record October Rainfall: 11.15 (1919)
Average daily high during October is 71°
Average daily low is 43.8°
On this date (October 5th) in 1954, Crossville records a high of 86°
Last Year's October High: 86.8° on 10-8
Last Year's October Low: 35.5° on 10-29
Average Freeze Date is October 20th
Last Year's first one was November 3rd
Average 4 days per October where temperature is less than 32°

Our youngest daughter turns ONE on 10-10.


Anonymous said...

Mike, you will have to tell her Happy Birthday for me. My birthday is actually the 11th. I will be gone on my mission trip this weekend though so no party for me.

Michael Detwiler said...

Thanks Brandon, I'll do it! Have a great time on your mission's trip and be safe. Happy 'early' Birthday.


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