Monday, October 13, 2008

Tonight In Tennessee

Very nice evening across Tennessee tonight.  Look at temperatures across the Volunteer State at 9 pm, we see middle 70's near Nashville down to the upper 60's in the rural areas.  Here in Cookeville in the higher elevations, we should go down to the middle 50's by daybreak.
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We'll be about 10 degrees above normal for Tuesday.  Rain won't enter our picture until Thursday.
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Does the following Middle Tennessee Weather Fact of The Day sound familiar???  

  • On October 13, 2000...
Dry weather continues. Despite at start of 38 degrees, the afternoon temperature at Nashville soars to 81. The high temperature hits 75 at Crossville, despite having dropped to 35 for a morning low. 

The weekend snow storm in Idaho was a significant historical event.  The earliest ever for Boise where records have been kept since 1898.

Boise, Idaho Snow Story 

Another story on the Magic Valley snow

Apparently so, according to some global warming alarmists and sooner than later.  For some golfers, it wouldn't be such a bad thing! Check out this post from the good folks at "Watts Up With That"

Remember my post entitled "What is This" and it had a picture of some weather equipment?  If not, go here to read that story from Saturday.  I received a very nice e-mail from a gentleman who is a meteorologist and marketing manager for a company that is the largest provider (in North America) of Roadside Weather Equipment.  His company didn't happen to sell this particular unit.   There website is: if you'd like to see their products line.  Thanks Jon for your e-mail and for educating me! :)

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