Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Sunshine Today!

I love autumn weather here in Tennessee.  Today and tomorrow will be excellent examples of what I do enjoy about our fall season.  Temperatures will be in the mid 70's under sunny skies! 

Change seems to be the word of this fall season (at least politically) and the end of this week will provide some BIG CHANGE.  After a front moves through on Friday bringing rain late Thursday night through early Saturday, someone will think the 'fridge door was left open.  Highs this weekend will only be in the middle 50's.  *OUCH*

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Enjoy your beautiful Autumn day...


Disassociated Press said...

Why ouch for the 50's? That's still good......

Michael Detwiler said...

Hey Ms. Day...I guess the 'ouch' part was due to the fact we've been in the 70's under sunny skies and 50's will feel quite chilly. I do agree, however, that it is still VERY nice weather! Thanks for visiting & commenting.


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