Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dry Period Ahead

After a line of storms passed through Middle Tennessee last night, we'll have a dry period through the end of the year.   *Preliminary Storm Damage Reports*  We will see a cold front (dry) swing through late Wednesday causing our highs on Thursday to only reach the lower 40's.  The next rain should happen on Friday and bring some much cooler air into Middle Tennessee.  Maybe a shot at snow just after the first of the year.  That would make A LOT of people happy!  More on that in the days to come!

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Our Alabama friends will see more rain as a low pressure system in the Gulf is pushing moisture into the central part of their fine state.

If we stay dry through New Year's Day, we'll end our year at 48.06"...while that is down from our Average Annual Precipitation (54.53" since 1914) (57.81" since 1971), it is an increase from last year where we only measured 37.08"..December was quite wet with a total of 8.48"...

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