Friday, December 19, 2008

Much To Discuss

There is a whole host of items to discuss regarding the weather in the Cookeville, TN area.  At the bottom of this post today, we'll look at some historical weather conditions from Los Angeles over the last few days.

We are in the middle of a BIG warm-up in the last 24 hours.  Temperatures are 20 degrees warmer and winds are strong from the southwest.  The expectation is for us to top out around 65° today with wind gusts as high as 30 mph as a front approaches.   Showers remain in our forecast for Saturday and then the bottom falls out as a @ND FRONT (and much stronger) roars through our area.   Could see some strong weather on Saturday and Saturday night.  By Sunday, the front passes through, winds turn out of the northwest and usher in some of the coldest air yet.  Wind chills on Sunday will be bitterly cold and we see lows on Sunday night down to 12° here in Cookeville and possibly even lower.

Monday's high will only be near 30° with a sunny sky and we drop to the upper teens on Monday night.  Model madness hits us again for this time, the thinking is for a Wintry Mix (sleet, freezing rain) while it turns to all rain for Tuesday night as warmer air approaches.  Christmas Eve promises highs in the upper 40's with rain and Christmas Day around 44° with sunny skies.  I would caution all of you not to read too much into this part of forecast for right now.  As you know, things change in Tennessee in a BIG HURRY!

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On this date in 1924, the high hits 67° in Nashville but a strong front brings very cold air in during the day and drops temperatures to 17° by midnight.  A huge 50° swing in one day.

All sorts of wacky weather across the US this winter!  From LA, motorists dealt with snow and black ice in the LA area.  While some snow isn't out of the question in the mountains surrounding the LA area, this situation was rare.  

Story (with pictures) from FOX NEWS about LA snow
Many news stories about LA snow

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