Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heavy Rain Early, Then Snow

****1:50 pm UPDATE****
Between customers right now at Tax Office.
Snow has stopped in Cookeville.
Got a report of 2+ inches near Allardt in Fentress County
1" measurements are common in Putnam County
Next snow chance is Thursday PM and Friday AM
Another round possible again Monday
Steady temps this afternoon around 30°

****10:00 am UPDATE****
Heading out in snow to go work
Will take camera and post pictures (I hope).
Snow falling hard and fast. 
Beautiful conditions..ground whitening quickly!

****9:30 am UPDATE****
A batch of large snowflakes is falling.
Will probably go back and forth between sleet.
Expect it to end in the next hour or two.
Some accumulation expected. Not much though.
Watching another event Thurs. night-Friday morning
Another possibility on Monday.

****9:15 am UPDATE****
Sleet is falling in Cookeville.  The changeover is on.  
Good call (again) by school system administrators.
Forecast is right on target.

****8:00 am UPDATE****
Sleet being reported in Lafayette.
Temperature down to 38° here in Cookeville.
Fallen nearly 20° since just after 5 a.m.
Strong north winds.
Snow falling in Dickson, TN (west of Nashville)
Accumulating sleet in Bellevue (west of Nashville)

****7:30 am UPDATE****
The snow line has reached Franklin.  Reports of moderate snow at this hour just south of Nashville.  Heavy snow reports in Clarksville.
Rain will be heavy at times early this morning. The cold air is a little late arriving but it will get here.  This will turn the precipitation over to snow later this morning and this afternoon.  2 inches of accumulation is possible.
We are still under a Winter Weather Advisory.
*Latest, Local Forecast*
Check out the TDOT Smartmap.  Memphis is getting hammered with snow right now.
Some may be surprised schools were cancelled as the temperatures were in the upper 50's earlier this morning.  I want to be clear.  This is a fast-moving system.  To send the kids in to school just to turn around and take them home didn't make sense.  I congratulate the system for making a good call.


Anonymous said...

Putnam County Schools closed again! :(

Michael Detwiler said...


You're about to get a taste of the BIG Tennessee change in weather! I actually think they made a good call! :)


P.S. You ready to hang that weather station yet?

Anonymous said...

It's all snow now at my house, next to the high school.

Michael Detwiler said...

Very nice, isn't it Ed? :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love snow! :)
Looks like I've got close to a 1/2 inch...

Anonymous said...

we would of had an half an inch but it was to warm huge snowflakes sunday night we are gonna get one i know it

Anonymous said...

So, how's this looking for refreezing? I'm a student with a cold bad enough to make me miserable, but not bad enough to miss school, and today was a much appreciated break. Getting tomorrow for further recovery would be great.

So could you whip out that crystal ball and do some predicting?

Anonymous said...

Putnam County schools are two hours late for tomorrow...

Maynard said...

Boy, it sure didn't last long in Sparta. I mean, it snowed for a good while, but after it quit, it only took ten minutes for it all to melt.


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