Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Snow in Cookeville Overnight

***3:00 PM UPDATE***
Snow is falling moderately again and sticking as temperatures are hovering around 22° with a north wind at 10 mph giving us a wind chill of 14°

***1:00 PM UPDATE***
Putnam County schools are now closed according to their website.

***12:40 PM UPDATE***
School closings for Wednesday have been announced in the following counties:
Fentress and Cumberland.

With more snow falling and temperatures in the lower 20's, I imagine more counties will be announcing they are closing as well.

***11:15 UPDATE***
Snow flurries flying in Cookeville.

Snow fell overnight in Cookeville.  It put down a light coating which made for some tricky travel this morning.  Temperatures won't help us for most of the day as we start out in the upper teens and look to get to around 25° later today for a high.

Most roads are in good shape with the exception of the typical neighborhood streets and the roads that are protected (tree-lined and facing north) from any melting.

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For those of you interested...Inauguration Day Forecast for Washington, DC...glad I'm not there.

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Anonymous said...

Snow is coming down pretty hard here...Putnam County Schools are closed for Wednesday.

Michael Detwiler said...

Peter...where did you confirm that?

Michael Detwiler said...

As of 12:45 pm, I can confirm just two school systems: Fentress and Cumberland.

Michael Detwiler said...

According to the Putnam County Schools website...they are closed!

Anonymous said...


I can confirm that. www.putnamcountyschools.com has just been updated and says so.


Anonymous said...

oh never mind, didn't see your comment!

Meteorologist Erik Proseus said...

Michael - We even got snow in Memphis this morning! Check out my blog for some pics and a video (all taken before the heaviest stuff hit, when I was on my way to work!).

--Erik, MemphisWeather.net

Anonymous said...

i want snow we never see it here in lawrenceburg answear please do you see any good chances of snow for southern tennessee coming up?


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