Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow Later?

Temperatures are beginning their descent downward as the winds have switched to the North-Northwest.  It was quite a warm day compared to the last several January days.  Highs reached 47° (46.9°) here in Cookeville today at 1:39 p.m.

The expectation later is for some rain to develop.  That rain could change over to snow. Noticed the barometer has been on a steep drop.  Now at 29.77 and continuing to fall.  This indicates change (not the political type) is in the air!  Some of the counties to our east are under a Winter Weather Advisory.  The expectation here in Cookeville is for around 1/2" of snow tonight and turning much colder with lows in the mid 20's.

Expect snow showers the first half of the day on Monday (MLK day).  It will be cold, with steady temperatures in the 20's.  Snow showers again on Monday night as another cold front makes a visit to our area.  These should last into Tuesday and we're still working to get a handle on the accumulation amount. Temperatures will be cold with lows around 20° on Monday night and highs only in the mid 20's once again on Tuesday.  Cold Tuesday night with lows in the teens and we see a little warmup for mid-week!  Highs in the 40's.

I'll have more later...including our latest forecast.


Anonymous said...

i think we are gonna see some not much maybe a dusting but that could change what do you think

Michael Detwiler said...


We'll probably see more up here than in your area. At least, I hope we get 'something'! :)

~Michael D.

Anonymous said...

yea i know like always with clippers just looks like we will at least see some here though

Charles Loring said...

Good Morning Michael! We here in Macon County have woke up to a good dusting and currently are looking at 1/2" a good possibility! Can't remember the last time I felt this excited about a meager 1/2"! :)


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