Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Foot of Snow in Tennessee! (Welcome March)

We've got storm report totals from many locations this morning. 

Cookeville (Putnam County) 1.5 inches
McMinnville (Warrne County) 3.0 inches
Woodbury (Cannon County) 3.0 inches
Murfreesboro (Rutherford) 4.0 inches
Manchester (Coffee County) 4.0 inches
Tullahoma (Coffee County) 4.5 inches
Chapel Hill (Marshall County) 4.8 inches
Lawrenceburg (Lawrence County) 6.0 inches
Pulaski (Giles County) 7.0
Columbia (Murray County) 8.0 inches
Lewisburg (Marsahll County) 8.3 inches
Shelbyville (Bedford County) 9.0 inches
Crockett County, TN 19.0 inches!

I've seen reports of 12 inches of accumulated snow in Jackson, TN. Saw another report of snow drifts to 20 inches in Tipton County, TN near Covington.  
Speaking of Jackson, TN..they've broken their ALL-TIME record for a one-day snowfall event by receiving 12.5"..the old record was 11.4" set December 22, 1963...

CoCoRaHS Reports will come in throughout the morning and I expect a much longer list soon. You can see those reports by going to the CoCoRaHS site. Click on TN in dropdown box!

Back here in Cookeville, our snow ends early this morning with highs only in the 30's. Snow will melt from the roads, but will stick around in yards. Some are already asking about schools.  That decision won't be made until much later today. The winds will be very blustery at times...could go as high as 30 mph, so dress warmly!

Alabama is getting hit with the same type situation that struck West TN overnight.  Very heavy snow going on right now.  Travel is discouraged in much of the state.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I feel cheated... we only got about 1 inch out NW of Cookeville. But there's an insidious little ice crust hiding under it, making our sloped driveway a bit tricky. I wonder how the outlying roads are doing this morning.

Michael Detwiler said...

Paul..I am sure they are very tricky...especially as the temps are 4-6° below freezing this morning! :) Be careful..oh, and welcome to TN winters, my friend!

Anonymous said...

i got 7to8 inches beat that

Anonymous said...

If the sun doesn't come out and melt some if this off, I've gotta think they will cancel Putnam schools tomorrow because tonight's forecast temps would freeze everything that's left on the roads.

Maynard said...

Only got a half-inch in Sparta, but a guy who goes to church with me said they got five inches in McMinnville. It always seems to miss us, either to the north or the south.

Maynard said...

Looking at the COCORAHS map, it seems that McMinnville was the dividing line. In north Warren Co, they got a half inch, but in south Warren Co, they got eight inches.


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