Sunday, March 1, 2009

'Sun'day Afternoon Update

The sun is shining brightly here in Cookeville this afternoon! Most of the snow is or has melted. I put the following phrase on my Facebook site. "Michael is advising all students and faculty to be prepared to go to school on Monday." Earlier this morning, while it was still cloudy, I thought they might have a chance to get an extra day off.  Does not appear to be the case now. As you can tell from the picture, courtesy of the Cookeville EMA Webcam, above...the snow is gone!

We measured 1.5" locally in Cookeville.  The are nearly 100 reports from CoCoRaHS observers across TN with at least 1.0" of new snow from overnight. Snow totals of 5" was reported in Mississippi, 5" from Alabama, and over in West Tennessee, they were several reports of a foot or more of snow on the ground today. Auburn, AL had a tornado yesterday and had a nice snow event today..2.5 inches of accumulation there.  Pictures of Auburn are here.

One of my blog readers from southern Middle Tennessee challenged me that he would get more than my area.  Hey Adam, you're right!!  You sure did! 7 or 8 inches at his place beats the 1.5" I got at my place. 

Another friend from Memphis recorded 5.8" at his house...Erik runs MemphisWeather...I enjoy his knowledge and his website

Yet another friend, Eddie from Jackson, TN runs the Jackson Weather site.  He recorded the highest one-day snow total EVER for Jackson, TN! 12.5" His list of snowfall amounts can be found here!


Anonymous said...

Hey Michael a correction on the 12.5". That was recorded in Bemis/S.Jackson by Mr. William E. Brantley. In my neck of the woods I received a mere 9.0" ;) - Eddie

Meteorologist Erik Proseus said...

Hey Michael, One more correction. I ended up with 8.9" (the 5.8" was measured late evening on the 28th, before another 3" fell overnight!). You run a great site. Keep up the good work!


William Brantley said...

Hello Michael :
I want to THANK my Friend Eddie Holmes for telling yuu that it was Me NOT HIM that had 12.5 " of Snow in Bemis - South Jackson, Tn.
Maybe he will get the higher amount next time.
My Storm Total is 13.5 " or 14 " rounded off.
This is a RECORD AMOUNT for Both Feb 28 th AND ALL of Feb for Bemis, Tn.
old record : 10 " on Feb 14 , 1988.
THANK`S for being My Friend on FACEBOOK.


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