Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warmer with Sunshine!

**Wednesday Morning Notes**

Our warming trend begins today and temperatures will, after morning lows in the 30's, reach the 60's today, 70's on Thursday, and to near 80° for Friday.  There is a SLIGHT chance of a 'pop-up' thundershower for Thursday.  The weekend looks great with highs in the lower 80's for Saturday and near 80° for Sunday.

**Weather History for This Date**

On April 22, 1883...
Nashville records greatest one-day rainfall for April, with 5.03".

On April 22, 1997...
Lightning strikes a 130-year-old red oak tree northeast of Lynchburg. Chunks of wood weighing as much as 175 pounds fly about 50 yards. One large piece of wood is embedded in the tail light of a car. The lightning follows the tree's roots, digging a trench almost 3 feet deep into and under a house. Flying wood damages the home and 3 cars.

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