Sunday, June 14, 2009

Storms Rumbling

**Thunderstorms All Around Us**
Storms are rumbling to our south in Alabama. They've seen some incredible amounts. Our friends at have awesome coverage (as usual). There are also some decent thunderstorms this Sunday afternoon to our north in Kentucky. We'll continue to see a chance of the garden variety pop-up thundershowers across Middle Tennessee.  You can checkout the latest radar images by Wunderground by clicking here (my default setting is the Nashville Nexrad Radar).

Storm chances are increased over the next few days as we're in the pattern of pop-up storms once again.

*Latest Local Forecast*

Weather History for This Date
June 14th
In 2003, a 32' fishing charter rolls in heavy surf off the Oregon coast. Nine people die and two were never recovered. Eight survive.

In 1998, an F1 tornado touches down in Benton County of southern Middle Tennessee. No one is injured as the twister stays on the ground for one mile.

In 1990, a devastating flood after 3-4" of rain in just over an hour causes a 15-20 foot wall of water, mud, and debris. The flood kills 26 people, damages 250 homes and causes millions in damage. It is considered to be a 1 in 1000 year flood.

In 1961, temperatures hit 106° in San all-time record for that city.
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