Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Continued Quiet Weather

Very nice day ahead with sunshine-filled skies and highs, in the Cookeville area, around 87°.

We had another cool night overnight and this morning is quite pleasant. Lows were in the upper 50's across much of Middle Tennessee. Tonight will be more of the same, but add on a few degrees with lows in the lower 60's. The warming trend continues with highs near 90° on Wednesday. First chances for rain will be on Thursday and the rain chances (albeit, low) stick with us through the weekend.  Expect temperatures to cool once again with highs only in the upper 70's by Sunday.

*Latest Local Forecast*

Do you recall August from two years ago? I came across this interesting post from my blog archive on the very hot August 2007. Check it out and it'll make you glad that weather is in our past! Hint..the daily high in Nashville averaged 99.9° through the first 25 days of August in 2007.

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