Sunday, August 16, 2009

Look What Is Headed Our Way!

1:00 PM Central Daylight Time 
Information on Tropical Storm Claudette.
Courtesy: Nat'l Hurricane Center-Miami, FL
Position: 83 miles due south of Panama City, FL
Moving: North NorthWest @ 14 mph
Winds: 50 mph sustained with a recorded 63 mph gust
Expectations...T.S. Claudette is expected to continue a NNW track into the panhandle of Florida this evening with waves 3-5 foot above normal, possible trees and signs down due to winds. Rainfall amounts will be on the order of around 3" in the heaviest spots. Some isolated locations may receive up to 5". Claudette will move quickly to the northwest into Alabama. By 7 pm on Monday evening, it should be downgraded to a depression and be in the extreme northwest part of Alabama. Expect this storm to impact our weather in Cookeville with showers and thunderstorms by Tuesday. A 36-hour track is shown below.

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