Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Beautiful Town

Check out the clear skies!

Courtesy of the Cookeville Web Camera!

Expecting lows around 45° by sunrise
Highs only low to mid 60's on Tuesday


Mr Truth said...

When do you usually get your first snow and how much snow do you average in the winter?

Also when do you get your first sub-50 highs?

Here in Western Oregon the models have gone consistantly crazy with a frost and highs possibly not reaching 50F...........epic stuff! ;)

If it verifys it would be the earliest sub-50F highs in history.

That usually happens in Mid to Late November depending on the year.

Michael Detwiler said...

Thanks for your comments....

We, typically, don't see sub-50 highs until well into November.

We average around 8" annually of the white stuff and typically it is well into December before the first snow comes.

Our weather sounds very similar to yours...and yes, frost and not reaching 50° this time of year would be CRAZY!


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