Sunday, October 4, 2009

So Much For Sunday

**Changing Forecast**
On Friday, we were confident of a sunny weekend. Unfortunately, only part of that ended up being true. Saturday turned out quite nice, yet breezy, with clear, sun-filled skies. Sunday, however, was quite different with a cloudy start and rain began falling by mid-afternoon and hasn't stopped since. Just .23" was in the rain gauge as of this posting (8:30 pm CDT). Temperatures have been cool all day. Our high was just 60° at 1:30 and has fallen slowly since. We are currently at 52° and don't expect it to fall, if any, later. Monday will be mostly cloudy with a few light showers early and only around 67°. A slight chance of storms on Tuesday, increasing on Tuesday night with warmer temperatures. High around 72° during the day. The warming trend continues on Wednesday and Thursday as highs could top out around 74° and 77° respectively.

Several updates to the site this evening:
1. Under "Cookeville, TN Climate Data"
          September's stats (from NWS-Coop Site) are up.
2. Also under "Cookeville, TN Climate Data"
          2009 Rainfall has been updated to reflect my amounts measured.
3. Adjusted the layout of blog a bit for easier reading.
          Web cam is first thing you see on right.
Finally, considering removing the Google Custom Search box. Appreciate any input (via e-mail please) from you all before making a final decision.
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