Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunny Sunday

We'll have a sun-filled Sunday after a very cool start this morning. Some locations are dealing with plenty of fog, which is reducing visibilities. The fog should burn off by 9 am. The rest of the day will be nice with highs in the upper 50's in the Cookeville area.

Did you remember to set your clock back one hour? Also, this is a good time to change your batteries in your smoke detector. Along with that, change them in your carbon monoxide detector, should you live in a home heated by gas.

We ended October with 7.40" of rain. It ranks as the 5th most ever recorded in Cookeville. Also, we stand at 69.08" for 2009 and if the ended today, we would have had the 6th rainiest year in Cookeville's history. November averages 4.29" of rain while December's average is 5.24". Should we just hit the average amounts, 2009 will go down as Cookeville's wettest ever.

I've got some FUN WEATHER HISTORY coming up on November 3rd (this Tuesday). Check back in and see what it is. Most of you will be VERY SUPRISED!

Come and join us at Trinity Assembly in Algood this morning. Services are at 8:30 and 10:30 CST. If you can't be there in person or have a home church and cannot be there this morning, join us on the web LIVE!
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