Friday, December 25, 2009

Davis Vantage Vue

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Here is the news I was talking about on Twitter & Facebook a few minutes ago. I found out recently that my parents wanted to give me something nice for Christmas. Since it had been my desire to upgrade my weather station, I asked for a Davis Vantage Vue. So, on or around January 15th, I will be receiving that weather station and will convert my current system over to it. Some photos of the Vue are located below.

This is the Vantage Vue indoor console (above). High quality and American made!

The Integrated Sensor Suite (above) measures rainfall, temperature, wind speed and direction. It also has a solar panel to keep it running smoothly!

Davis' advantages versus my current system are numerous. The bottom line is that I'll be able to provide information that is reliable and accurate. So, around the middle of January, I will let you all know when this system is up and running!


Anonymous said...

Hi. Will you be buying the console and software for web updates?

Michael Detwiler said...

absolutely...will need both!

Kevin Shaw said...

Best of luck, Michael on your new weather station. I had thought you already had it, but you still have a few weeks to get ready. Many on the weatherbug backyard community have them, and I have a friend in PA who just got one for Christmas and is trying to set it up. I am sure you will draw on Nathan Parker's and Chris Sloop's experience and knowledge to help if you have any problems. Marty Brumback, my friend who sold me his backup VP2 station and then installed it for me, also has a lot of experience/knowledge of the Davis weather stations. He is on the backyard wxbug community also.
Best of luck, stay in touch!(By the way I just voted in your snow poll on your site) Thanks, Kevin

Craig said...

I looked @ this station too. Nice station..but I wanted a UV sensor and aspirated fan..not avail on the Vue as of yet. Looking at getting a Vantage Pro as soon as we move in a few months.

Michael Detwiler said...

Hi Kevin and Craig..thanks for your comments!

Kevin - appreciate your voting in the snow poll. Glad you have that VP2

Craig - I liked the price of the Vue and the upgrade from my LaCrosse is big! Would have been nice to have the UV sensor, but here in Middle TN that product and the aspirated fan aren't necessities. Hope you get your VP2..thanks for swinging by and commenting!


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