Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow Possible Today


SUNDAY SNOW POSSIBLE - A strong low-pressure system situated over Iowa promises to spin some clouds and possible moisture down into Middle Tennessee on Sunday. We should start out the morning with sunshine and chilly temperatures. Expect to be around 30° in the early morning rising to the lower 40's by the afternoon. Clouds will move in after lunch here in Cookeville and possibly earlier the farther west you go toward Nashville. As the clouds thicken, expect snow flurries to develop. Not expecting any accumulation although if we do see any, it will be toward the east in the higher elevations of the Cumberland Plateau. 

COLD WEEK AHEAD - The upcoming work week between Christmas and New Year's Day is expected to be cold with temperatures averaging several degrees below normal and a BIG SHOT of cold air coming by week's end. We will see some of the coldest air of the young winter season. As I always say, though, this system is several days away and can change, so we will keep an eye on it and keep you informed! Just to get you in the mood, here is a link to the Heaviest 24-Hour Snowfalls in Nashville. 

TRINITY ASSEMBLY - Join us at Trinity Assembly today, either via the web or in person at 205 W. Wall Street in Algood, TN!

Weather History for This Date
1982 - Nashville hits 75° while Crossville sees 67°. Nice golf weather! 

Fun Weather Post of The Day
Very clever post at Digital Diatribes on "If We Had Some Global Warming" includes a great video! Enjoy!

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
Yesterday's high: 44° low: 28°
Normal High: 47°
(Record: 67° in 1940)
Normal Low: 27°
(Record: 3° in 1983)
Last Year: 65° and 58°
1.09" of rain fell on this date in 1932
2" of snow in 1997
2" of snow on the ground in 1963
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