Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flood Statement & Wind Advisory

****8:50 PM UPDATE****
Strong winds across Cookeville tonight.
48 mph here at my home (7:51 pm)
33 mph gust at TTU
38 mph gust at new EMS building on Willow
29 mph at Cane Creek
28 mph in southwest Cookeville
34 mph at Baker's Crossroads in Sparta

Rainfall Amounts:
1.32" at Tennessee Tech weather station
.97" on Willow at EMS building
1.38" in southwest Cookeville
1.61" at Baker's Crossroads in Sparta

***5:10 PM UPDATE***

The National Weather Service in Nashville has issued 2 statements that are worth reading. Please go to their site at: http://www.weather.gov/nashville

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