Sunday, January 9, 2011

Update on Winter Storm Warning

The storm headed for Middle Tennessee is one of the rare gulf lows that will be all snow. Typically, as our friend Davis Nolan at News 2 says, we get a rain to snow event in these situations and that limits our snowfall accumulation. With COLD air already in place across the entire state, the large band of moisture headed our way will be in the form of all snow.

Interestingly enough, areas in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia will do even better (in terms of greater accumulations) than we will in Middle Tennessee. The greatest amounts for the Volunteer State will be to our south in a line from Columbia, Lawrenceburg, Winchester, to McMinnville where totals by Monday morning could well be in the 3-6" range.

For the Cookeville area, check out the following graphics to see where we'll land. As always, the latest, local forecast is at the bottom of the post. By the way, each of these graphics can be clicked on to enlarge.

*Latest Local Forecast*
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