Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nobody's Complaining

You never hear a peep from folks when the National Weather Service's forecast misses the high temp by 7° like today. Originally, we had a forecasted high of 60°, but hit 67° at 3:49 pm. I guess if this had been a wintry forecast with a high below 32°, we'd have seen a lot of gripes about missing it by 7°!


In case you didn't do it last night and wondered why you may have been late to church or getting together with friends at an appointed time, clocks move one hour ahead last night. Here is a great way to remember..."Spring Forward and Fall Back"....Spring forward is a great time because we get more sunlight in the evenings after work for 'fun things' such as yard work and the ol' honey-do list.


A look around Tennessee at this hour shows the warmer temperatures in the east and in the west parts of the state with the cooler readings around Nashville. Rain is mainly confined from a line just southwest of Clarksville extending eastward through Nashville and into Wilson and Smith Counties. We'll see mainly light amounts, if any, though the area.


A 40% chance of rain showers tonight with a low of 46°. Showers really ramp up Monday with a 90% chance and a high of 57°. A 90% chance of showers again on Monday night with a low of 49° and showers likely once again on Tuesday, high 60°. The rest of the week looks quite nice with 60's Wednesday, 70's on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! We'll take it!

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