Sunday, April 17, 2011

Super Sunny Sunday

You'll love today's forecast, but first we'll look at rainfall across the Cookeville area.

Friday's rainfall: 2.67"
Saturday: 0.06"

  • 2011 Measured Precipitation by month: 
  • April: 6.65" 
  • March: 7.06"
  • February: 6.44"
  • January: 3.36"
  • Total: 24.05"

Normal thus far: 18.00" or 134% of normal. Quite a start for rainfall for 2011.

The record rainfall for April comes from 1979 and is: 6.97" ...we'll definitely give that record a scare as rainfall is expected on Tuesday night and Wednesday of the upcoming week.

Today, sunny skies and a high of 68°
Tonight, partly cloudy and cool with a low of 47°
Monday, sunny, warmer, and windy with a high of 76°

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