Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Better Late Than Never - What A Day!

I failed to push the publish button early this morning after writing the morning update. So, it is better late than never. Before get to what I didn't publish this morning, here is the latest on Hurricane Irene and the earthquake in Virginia that affected much of the east coast.

At the 5 pm update, Irene has maximum sustained winds of 90 mph and is still moving WNW at 9 mph. We do expect Irene to develop into a MAJOR (Category 3 or higher) hurricane by either late Wednesday or early Thursday as she churns on a more northerly track after passing the Bahamas. By 2 pm on Friday, Irene is expected to be centered due east of Jacksonville, FL and by 2 pm Saturday, we expect she'll be just south of the outer banks of North Carolina.

Quite a quake today affecting northern Virginia and the Washington, DC area today. It occurred around 12:51 this afternoon causing evacuations of all federal buildings in our nation's capital. Some people have tried to be humorous about it. Some even joked the current administration would blame the former administration for it. Finally, I saw one person say it wouldn't be long before the quake was blamed on so-called global warming. Bottom line is that it appears most damage was minor and injuries are minor, too.

Nice start in the 50's this morning in Cookeville. Expect this afternoon's high temps to top out around 88° under a sunny sky. Another cool overnight with lows by Wednesday morning around 62° and we'll hit 90° on Wednesday. I do expect showers to re-appear in the forecast for Wednesday night through Thursday night, but then a return to sunny skies on Friday and Saturday.

Hurricane Irene has really become the big weather story. Now a Category 2, she is expected to strengthen into a major hurricane over the next 24 hours.

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
Our morning low: 58.0°
Yesterday's high: 87.2°
Yesterday's low: 64.1°
Last Year: 85° and 65°
Normal High: 87°
Normal Low: 63°
Records: 100° in 2007 and 47° in 1956

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